About the Club

Hi there! This is the official site of the Bangalore Harmonica Club
The Bangalore Harmonica Club took shape in 2008 by a few like minded people who wanted to bring together their passion of harmonicas. The club has grown strong, since then, with the addition of experts and novices alike. The club now has many proficient and knowledgeable harmonica players who share their skills and knowledge in regular meetings and programmes. The objective of The Bangalore Harmonica Club is to help promote awareness and adoption of Harmonica amongst everybody, young and old. Awareness of Harmonica would also keep alive, the legendary musicians who devoted their time and energy in such a simple yet versatile musical instrument. Let's create music. Let's blow the wind.   Excerpts from the first meeting of the Bangalore Harmonica Club - Click Here ! Few moments at the first meet (pictures) - Click here !

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