March 2016 Monthly meet……A treat to our ears.

What a beautiful session on sunday 13march ! With two special guests mr Kaushik Mukherjee and Dr Sangeetha !kaushik-mukherjee With attendance reaching 23 set new record of the year ! Good to see madhukar ajay making it for the meeting.
three new members Tapas, Kedar and Mr Vaidyanathan joined the TBHC bandwagon ! TBHC love was irresistible for old member Shobit returning back ! Warm welcome to all ! with Everybody performing their song of the month showed everyone's commitment for getting their playing to next level !drsangeeta Biryani for quick lunch was something all enjoyed after wonderful 4 hours of entertainment ! With workshops programmes planned in coming months the ball is rolling and rolling fast for TBHC ! special thanks for Rajeevji for wonderful venue and Rajarao sir for those yummy samosas ! jai harmonica !